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كليدهاي ميانبر حرفه اي فتوشاپ
نویسنده پیام
کاربر با تجربه

ارسال‌ها: 537
تاریخ عضویت: اردیبهشت 1393
اعتبار: 43
وضعیت : آفلاین
سپاس ها 398
سپاس شده 294 بار در 171 ارسال
ارسال: #1
كليدهاي ميانبر حرفه اي فتوشاپ
CTRL+O = Open file
CTRL+N = New file
CTRL+W = Close file (watch out for not mixing with CTRL+Q!!)
CTRL+S = Save file
CTRL+SHIFT+S = Save file As
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S = Save for web
CTRL+Q = Quit photoshop
CTRL+A = Select all
CTRL+D = Deselect
CTRL+E = Merge Down (more about layers later on..)
CTRL+R = Rulers visible (the things you drag guidelines out from..)
CTRL+T = Transform selection (Scale and rotate..)
CTRL+U = Change image Hue, Saturation and Lightness
CTRL+I = Inverse
CTRL+F = Repeat last used filter
CTRL+K = Preferences
CTRL+L = Levels
CTRL+Z = Undo (something you just can´t live without. Fact.)
CTRL+X = Cut
CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+V = Paste
CTRL+B = Color balance
CTRL+M = Curves
CTRL+Space = Zoom In
CTRL+ALT+Space = Zoom Out
D = Set Colors to Default
X = Change Foreground color with Background color
اين کليد ها رو هم حتما بعد از اينکه کليدهاي بالا رو حفظ شديد ! ياد بگيريد... خيلي کارايي دارند
CTRL+SHIFT+E = Flatten image
CTRL+SHIFT+T = Transform again
CTRL+SHIFT+U = Desaturate (make image black & white)
CTRL+SHIFT+I = Inverse selection (usefulnes=100000)
CTRL+SHIFT+P = Page setup
CTRL+SHIFT+D = Reselect
CTRL+SHIFT+F = Fade last filter..or thing you just did.. [تصویر:  redface.gif]
(works on alot of things)

CTRL+SHIFT+L = Auto levels
CTRL+SHIFT+N = New layer
اينا رو هم ياد بگيريد بد نيست اما اگر يک فرد مبتدي هستيد شايد زياد براتون کارايي نداشته باشه
CTRL+ALT+0 = Actual pixels ("zooms" to 100%)
CTRL+ALT+O = Open As
CTRL+ALT+S = Save a Copy
CTRL+ALT+D = Feather selection
CTRL+ALT+F = Last filter, only you get to choose the stuff!!
CTRL+ALT+L = Auto levels, and... you get to choose.
CTRL+ALT+Z = History back (you´ve got to know this one!!!!)
CTRL+ALT+B = Auto-color-balance
CTRL+ALT+M = Auto-Curves
اينها هم خيلي بدرد مي خورند (;
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+Q = Quit photoshop..without asking anything!
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E = Flatten image to active layer (useful, if you´re not a beginner)
کليدهاي منو ها:

خب در اينجا کليدهايي را به شما نشان مي دهم که در اصل اگر بخواهيد با موس کار کنيد بايد آنها را از منوهاي فتوشاپ انتخاب کنيد. اول از همه منوي File :
ALT+F+V = Revert to last saved version of image
ALT+F+M = Import
ALT+F+R = Export (useful for GIFs)
ALT+F+U+B = Batch
ALT+F+I = File info
ALT+F+F+G = General Preferences
ALT+F+"number" = Open recent files (really useful, once you get used to it..)

خب اينها هم مال منوي Edit هستند
ALT+E+L = Fill selection
ALT+E+S = Stroke "around" selection (read more in the "outline"-section )
ALT+E+A = Transform..these are the most useful;
+H = Flip horizontally
+V = Flip vertically
+D = Distort
حالا منوي Image
ALT+I+M = Mode..+R = RGB +I = Indexed..and so on
ALT+I+D = Duplicate image
ALT+I+I = Image size (REALLY USEFUL!!)
ALT+I+S = Canvas size
منوي لايه ها
ALT+L+N+L = New layer
ALT+L+D = Duplicate layer
ALT+L+L = Delete layer (!)
ALT+L+O = Layer Options (same as double-click on layer)
ALT+L+C = Layer Effects (all effects have their own shortcut!!!)
ALT+L+K = Layer Mask
منوي Select ، راستي اين کليدها خيلي بدردتون ميخوره
ALT+S+C = Color range (use it! You´ll get it!!)
ALT+S+M = Modify selection (lot´s of cool stuff here!)
ALT+S+T = Transform selection
ALT+S+L = Load selection
خب خسته که نشديد؟ (: آخراشه ديگه نگران نباشيد (;
اينم مال منوي Filter
ALT+T+B = Blur-menu
ALT+T+N = Noise-menu
ALT+T+P = Pixelate-menu
ALT+T+R = Render-menu
ALT+T+S = Sharpen-menu
ALT+T+T = Texture-menu
ALT+T+E = Eyecandy (plug-in..go get it!)
مممم... خب اينم مال منوي View
ALT+V+P = Print size
ALT+V+G = Show grid

اينم آخريشه ، مال منوي Window هستش
ALT+W+O = Show/Hide Tools
ALT+W+B = Show/Hide Brushes
ALT+W+L = Show/Hide Layers
ALT+W+Y = Show/Hide History
ALT+W+S = Show/Hide Statusbar
اينم چند تا کليد ديگه اينا واقعا کاربرد زيادي دارند يعني واسه خودم که خيلي خيلي مفيد بوده تا حالا
TAB = Show/Hide all tools & windows
SPACE = Hand-tool (the one you can drag yourself around the pic with)
F = Change view, from window to hide all..
CTRL+1-3 = View different channels (R,G & B) CAPS LOCK = Change cursor from exact to tool-pic
SHIFT (hold in) = Extra functions in several tools
ALT (hold in) = Extra functions in several tools
CTRL+ALT+drag-a-layer = Copy layer

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